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Traveling Exhibition: anders als gedacht (against expectations)

for HVD | MenschenKind | Berlin

“Nursing care” is something we usually associate with the elderly. What most people don’t know is that over 113,000 children and teenagers in Germany require nursing care. Conceived as a traveling exhibition, the 15 information boards provide visitors with deep insight into the lives, concerns, and hopes of these young people and their families. They include photographs (by Sibylle Baier and Martin Esche), quotations, vignettes and stories drawn from everyday life, interviews, and a broad spectrum of factual information. An audio version is available via QR code.

Project management _ Concept development _ Exhibition graphics _ Installation

Exhibition concept: MenschenKind/Dagmar Puzberg, photos: Sibylle Baier/Martin Esche, editing and texts: MenschenKind/Alex & Shantu GmbH